In The Galaxy Podcast A podcast about music where hosts Michael GIlkison & Jaye Williams review albums, songs, and life in general.

This week we kick back, relax and talk about life. At the top we discuss starting over and fresh starts. It's scary but with the right perspective it could be the blessing you've always been looking for. Then, Michael tells a story about getting frustrated and sometimes that's bad, but sometimes it's ok to tap into frustration as long as it's channeled in the right way. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Finally, we break down some current events.

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January 24, 2015  

Without a doubt, our first podcast with Sam Marcoux has gained legendary status. The Tiger Claw himself is back in the galaxy for a second time to discuss the super bowl, deflate gate, comedy, podcasting and much more. Oh, and he even has a good laugh at the expense of Michael and Jaye. Check this one out for sure!

December 5, 2014  

On this lost episode, Michael and Jaye discuss a fairly out of date topic... the World Cup. Jaye nerds out on his favorite sport pretty much. That's not all though, we discuss sports and the global impact as a whole - as well as the future of music technology from a consumer standpoint.

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November 19, 2014  

We have another lost episode and this one is very special. Michael and Jaye sit down to discuss the state and future of American sports with our childhood friend, and Jaye's roomate, John Ransdell. John is a carpenter, wood worker, outdoorsman, hiker, contrator, ladies man, sports enthusiast, etc. He's also one wild dude. This episode was a lot of fun.

November 4, 2014  

Michael and Jaye sit down with sports fan, especially Miami Dolphins, LA Lakers, LA Dodgers and LA Kings fan Sam Marcoux to talk about stand up comedy, sports, YouTube, professional wrestling, and his YouTube show predictably drunk. Some other shenanigans are thrown in as well.

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