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March 8, 2016  

Today we launch a new episode format called "Creative Control", a home for discussions with creative individuals from all walks of life (music, podcasting, youtube, comedy, and more). We hope to hear the stories, success, and struggles from creative individuals in order to keep them grounded and inspire others.

On this episode of Creative Control we feature long time ITG friend Ryan Snelling. Ryan is the host of Filmbeef podcast and YouTube channel, a movie, television and pop culture podcast.
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- Brief introduction to the new episode format is at the top of the show
- Discussion with Ryan starts at 5:35 where we talk about Twitter
- At 16:30 we talk about some drama with another "podcast" and Ryan dealing with some "kids"
- At 20:00 we're back to Twitter and the challenges of getting guests on our podcasts
- At 26:30 Ryan and Jaye discuss how important having a creative community is
- At 31:00 Jaye gives up on solo episodes and Ryan gives his thoughts
- At 37:00 Jaye gives good advice to creatives in terms of quality control and not settling for crappy content
- At 39:15 Ryan pulls back the curtain on arguing with his co-hosts
- At 45:00 Jaye and Ryan talk about the Creative Control concept and preview future episodes
- At 48:30 the guys offer some bonus music talk about going to see Balance and Composure, and their opinions on Saosin

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