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March 27, 2016  

On this episode Michael and Jaye come together for a Wildcard episode. If you're not familiar with this episode format, about once a month the guys come together to talk about whatever is on their minds. The topics can range from a variety of different things and this episode is no different. Check out the time stamps below.

- At the top of the show Michael and Jaye discuss the album "Swish" by Joywave
- At 11:30 Jaye gives his thoughts on a rare interview with Bryson Tiller he heard and the importance of authenticity.
- At 24:56 a pretty in depth discussion regarding the future of media in general takes place. The topic was inspired by The Fighter and The Kid podcast.
- At 39:44 we open a discussion about the popularity of nostalgia in pop culture with movies, music and television.
- At 48:24 Michael gives us an update on his own personal projects and his journey with being creative.

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