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April 1, 2016  

We're back with another Creative Control - a new episode format where we sit down and discuss other individual's creative journeys. On this episode, Ryan Snelling returns for his monthly visit to tell us about some things he struggles with, some major steps he's taken since we last spoke and more.

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- Brief intro at the top of the show
- Interview starts at 3:00
- At 4:00 Ryan discusses the pros and cons of working with and relying on friends in your creative journey
- At 16:00 Jaye talk about building your personal brand and not relying on others in order to move forward
- At 23:00 Ryan tells us about some major moves that have happened since we last spoke
- At 29:30 Ryan talks about being seen as a peer as opposed to a fan from people he looks up to
- At 36:00 Jaye and Ryan talk about YouTube vs Podcasting
- At 48:00 we talk about publicly grading and rating movies and music. We also randomly just talk about music.

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