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May 20, 2016  

Creative Control are conversations with creative individuals about their struggles, successes, and failure. For those living a creative lifestyle and on a creative journey, you're not alone.

On this episode, Jaye talks with long time ITG family member, stand up comedian and host of the Predictably Drunk podcast, Sam Marcoux. Sam is based out of San Jose, California. Though not a traditional hot bed of comedy, Sam is constantly on the grind. He is one of the hardest working creative individuals I know. In addition to comedy, Sam is fluent in the business side of being creative, as well as a passionate podcaster.

On this episode we discuss balancing the business side of being creative and knowing when to have fun and when to work. Additionally, Sam talks in depth about not falling into the party mentality when there is work to be done, even when that lifestyle is part of the greater community you're in.

Lastly, we go deep on talking about podcast struggles. We discuss growth, change, planning as podcasters and ways to move forward in the future.


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